India Christian Mission Church

An Anglican Church, formed by the late Lamented Rev.Arthur S. Paynter
from the Bicester Parish of Church of England in 1897

The Founder and the beginning

The Late Lamented Rev.Arthur Stephen Paynter

The Rev. Arthur Stephen Paynter, the Founder of the Church was born of a county family of Cornwall at Bicester, Oxford shore, England on the 08 th July  of the year of our Lord 1862. He is from the Parish of Bicester of Church of England. His father was a Church Warden of the Church of England in Bicester.

He was saved on his 19th Birthday when he attended a revival meeting of the Salvation Army  in the Marylebone Theatre. Then He was trained and became a Cadet in the Salvation Army. Moved to India as a Missionary of the Salvation Army. Travelled throughout India and Sri Lanka. He became Colonel and was in-charge of the Salvation Army at Sri Lanka.

He was married to  Major ANAGI  WEERASURIYA ( Agnes Louisa Paynter - born on 15 th November 1863 and saved on 1 st August  1884),  daughter of David Weerasuriya , a Sri Lankan in Bombay .

Revd.Paynter has resigned  from the Salvation Army and formed the India Christian Realm Mission  on 1 st November 1897 in Almora District of then Uttar Pradesh State of India in association with the Revd.W.H.Greet and G.F.Grundy.  Late Mr.Kali Charan Benarji, the first President of the Indian National Congress Party has verily assisted him in forming the Mission with assets.

Revd.Paynter became a good friend of many Anglican Missionaries  working in Inda. He has travelled verily throughout India and started centres of ICM in the states of  West Bengal, Punjab, Nepal, Maharastra,  Tamilnadu and Karnataka and finally at Andhra Pradesh ( entered into ELURU on 28 th September 1903 on the invitation of Md.Abdul Aziz, a muslim convert) . 

The City of ELURU became the Head Quarters  and the ICM was registered under the Societies Act  XXI of 1860 during the year 1947. He has faced many number of troubles in and around the Mission. He has extensively traveled to many countries like USA, England, Canada, Scotland, Italy, France etc.,  and started centers of ICM. Revd.Paynter has visited ROME during June ,1924  ( visited St.Peters Cathedral, Vento Vatican and Sistine Chapel ( Fra Angelico’s wonderful frescoes Tea with Miss.Well who had done Mission work  in Rome for years), visited Collosiuym & Forum, Naples and Pompey etc.,.

Revd.Paynter has published monthlies and journals and CALVARY is on of the prominent. He was the Vice-Chairman of the HOME FOR THE HOMELESS, HELPLESS AND HOPELESS in Calcutta. His speeches are heart – touched. He has spoken at CHRIST CHURCH ( Church of England ) during October 16 – 21, 1921 when Revd.MONTT was the Vicar of the Church. The Vicar said : “ as a Church, they would stand permanently for the ICM “. Revd.Paynter has delivered his valuable messages in England and Scotland mostly conducted at YMCA campus.

The Revd. Paynter resided at Sri Lanka and overviewed the work of India Christian Mission. Out of his labours, the ICM was flourished.

The Revd. Paynter  entered into His glory on 27th July 1933 and buried at Mount Abbot.

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.John SDR Nakka visited the tomb during June 2012 and made a move to shift the mortal remains of Fr.Paynter to the Cathedral Compound at the Primatial SEE of ELURU city by representing to the District Magistrate. Mr.Desmond was entrusted.